Climate Society

In the light of Climate Care Special Topics in Architecture is investigating new urban strategies to replace the rigidity of form and program of the existing city by elastic urban conditions. The studio is focusing on the role of architecture within the process of transformation towards a new “Climate Society”.

Looking into our collective urban future we have to take on urgent, global questions. Since our contemporary cities are in a period of extreme transition, Urban Change has already become a synonym for global challenges in the urban realm. Water shortage and energy scarcity, climate change, global poverty, inequality and refugee crisis – and most recently the corona virus disease – all these concerns are colliding head on in urban agglomerations. Being at the forefront, cities are playing a central role in the global response to ongoing crises, raising fundamental questions about sustainable and synergetic development. Deeply impacted by the current pandemic we have to rethink future urban development in social, cultural, economic and environmental dimensions. We will examine how global challenges will have an impact on the future urban development – from innovative solutions to entirely new urban formations.

Welcome to our contribution at Vienna Biennale for Change 2021 Climate Care

participating students: Alec Melkonian, Alexandra Terekhova, Alina Logunova, Anastasia Smirnova, Bofan Zhou, Chenke Zhang, Elizaveta Karpacheva, Katharina Sauermann, Lisa-Marie Androsch, Miriam Löscher, Nohar Ofri Zask Agadi, Wing Yan | Joyce Lee, Yannik Kaiser, Zhiyi Zhang